Letter of Authority

Insert Client name

Address line 1

Address line 2


Insert contact details

Claims Management Partnership LLP

27, Old Gloucester Street





Subject; Authority to act on behalf of (insert client name and DOB). If necessary also add (insert maiden/previous name and address at point of sale)

If appropriate add;

In addition, authority to act on behalf (insert name, address DOB and contact details of 2nd claimant including maiden/previous name and address at point of sale)


I/We hereby authorise Claims Management Partnership LLP (also trading as CMP LLP), CRM Number XXXX, to act on my/our behalf in respect of a claim against (insert brand name) and specifically relating to (insert claim/policy/account ref(s)/name(s))


I understand that, in addition to the present Letter of Authority I will need to provide further information when raising an expression of dis-satisfaction to the Lender, about the underlying product(s), service(s) and where known, specific account number(s) being complained about. Doing so will enable the Lender to assess and determine the complaint as quickly and as effectively as possible.


If you have any questions please contact me using the above details.


Yours sincerely


Signature of Claimant

(insert name of claimant)


Signature of joint claimant (if appropriate)

(insert name of joint claimant)