This is actually an interest-only mortgage that is linked to an investment product. Millions of these were sold across the UK and many, unfortunately, fell far short of their expected return.

It is likely that at the time you were sold the endowment mortgage, you were told that the endowment policy will pay off at the end of its term and not only that, you would get an additional lump sum payment on top.

Unfortunately for millions of customers, not only was there no lump sum payment, the endowment was not enough to pay off the mortgage.

Mis-Sold Endowment Mortgages

Your advisor should have warned you that the endowment may not grow enough for you to be able to pay off your mortgage or provide an additional lump sum by the end of the term of the policy. You should have been provided with information that was clear, fair and not misleading.

Please Note: You can only complain about how your endowment mortgage was sold to you. You cannot complain about the performance of your investment.

Could You Have A Claim?

Holders of endowment mortgages were told that they had to make their complaint within 3 years of receiving their first warning letter from the company that sold the policy or within 6 months of receiving their second warning letter, whichever was received last. If you have not received one of these letters, your claim is unlikely to be time-barred and you could have a claim.

Even if your policy has matured or you have surrendered it, you can still complain if your policy was originally mis-sold to you and you have suffered any loss as a result of this.

Even if the company that sold you the Endowment Mortgage is no longer in business, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) may cover you. This scheme was set up to provide compensation for customers of companies who cannot pay compensation. If your policy was taken out on or after 28th August 1988, then you may be covered by this scheme.

What Can You Do To Reclaim Mis-Sold Endowments?

You can either, claim on your own or you can use a specialist like CMP to help. We can’t guarantee a pay-out for you or get more money than you would if you claim on your own, or that we can handle the claim faster.

What we can guarantee is a professional, straight forward, honest service which is hassle free for you. We will use our knowledge and specific expertise to ensure your claim has the best possible chance of being successful. For our contact details, click here and get in touch with us now.